As a single in the dating seeking world, how do you define yourself; are you a casual dater or a commitment-minded dater? Is one better than the other? What are the pros and cons? Your basic goals of a relationship determine whether you will be a casual dater or a commitment-minded dater.

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Someone want to have fun
Forget New Year's resolutions, get your satisfaction tonight with me. Looking for guy that_is some kind of wonderful for intimate connection at my place tonight. Casual encounter.x

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Do you have a nice body? _
_LONELY GIRL WANTS U Im just a fun loving girl who is easy to get along with, I try to leave the bullsh*tout of my life, and Im always up to anything. I enjoy all sorts of music especially club, reggae, and hip hop. I want something casual from time to time, nothing clingy. _ Lets_do it <3 _>

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I want you to hate me
I am so horny and lonely, and so unsatisfied. I have so many different relationships going, but it seems that all the happens in the end is that they hate me. I have a way of making that happen. It's a lot of fun in the meantime, but in the end: I'm just resented. I have been told by literally hundreds of people that I am beautiful. The truth is: I have a pretty face and a fat ass. I am literate. Please don't reply if you have grammar issues. I don't want to waste my time with an idiot. You know how men like action? I like interaction. I want to talk. I want you to say shit to me that makes me want to meet you, and then.........? I don't know. Maybe you're too good for me. Maybe I"m a raging bitch and you wish you never met me. I'm bored, and I need something. I need someone to spank me, verbally mentally or physically. I dgaf what you look like. Just have INTELLIGENCE that compares to what a normal man wants in sluttiness. Make sense????????????????

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Power of touch . . .
The power of touch can heal the body and spirit, just let go and allow yourself to be in the moment, feel the simplicity of the sensations take you away . . .How will you let go today?

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ready for fun
"I am looking for a special respectful fun guy to enjoy fun times with. I am single with a busy fufilled life and don;t have time for a relationship. However it would be great to meet someone who like me is looking for someone who I enjoy spending time with on a casual basis - nsa."