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I want a bigger lollipop than I've ever had in my life. See's Suckers are GREAT, but I want to lick a BIG all-day sucker. I am familiar with only one sucker, and hubby says I can see, touch, and lick a bigger one, but that is all.If you have a BIG SUCKER, will keep it wrapped, stop when I say (I do want to get to the creamy center however) and enjoy the encounter, you are a candidate. Send me a picture of the sucker

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Searching for a sex buddy, you need to be nice looking, nice and able to hold a conversation. We can either meet up at your place or my house, doesn't matter. I wanna try a couple new things, my nights have been to boring recently. If you message me [...]

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I want to have my nipples sucked!
Hi everyone. I'm sorry I had to mislead you with the header, but I want to get my point across to all the guys looking for chicks on this site. My name is Brian, and I'm a guy just like you looking for a little NSA fun. I have been following Craigslist for a month or two and I am fucking appalled by how we guys are being treated by most of the women on this site!As far as I can tell, there are 4 types of women that advertise on this site: (1) Scammers that want you to click on their "Craigssafe" sites so they can earn money from your horniness, (2) Hookers, (3) Woman that are decent and just want to have a little fun (very rare), and (4) Absolute bitches that want to make you jump through hoops just to get a "hello" back from them (somewhat common). First, we have to do something to get those same 12 or 13 scammers off this site. I can't tell you how fucking tired I am of these same 12 or 13 people sending me the same pictures with fictitious email names borrowed from the names of the deceased. These scammers must go!!!! Secondly; hookers-- well I don't know what to do about them. They're not for me but I'm not going to tell you what to do with your money. Thirdly--I just want to say "kudos" for the very very few woman that are on this site that are just looking for some NSA fun. This is the mindset that women had on Craigslist years ago and, guys, we need to act together to make the women that use this site behave like this way again!!! Finally, I went to address the bitches that use this site. Guys, how tired are you of reading ads that say things like "must be well-hung" or "don't bother to reply if you can't last" or "you must be this way or this way or don't expect a reply" or "send a picture and you must look like a model or don't expect a reply". Aren't you getting sick and tired of the shit from these bitches? Why do we put up with this? I'll tell you why. Because for every one woman that advertises on this site, there are 5 million guys that reply to her. Those women feel empowered and get the idea that they can act in any manner they wish towards us--treating us like absolute shit!!! The solution? Stop replying to their ads (even if only for 1 week). Let's show these women that they have to work a little bit towards getting us to respond. If we keep on doing what we're doing, nothing will ever change!!! The scammers will continue to partron the site, the bitches will keep making us jump through hoops, and the decent woman that just want to have a little fun will just be discouraged and leave Craigslist for other sites.