Appearance of internet dating has changed the dating patterns forever. Now anyone willing to date someone of have sex could reach much larger audiences instantly

Casual relationships: is there more than one type?

Digital Dating Results
The spread of digital practices has resulted in a renewal of romantic and sexual practices. This is the case with the use of internet dating sites. Since they appeared twenty years ago, these sites now attract a large audience. In 2018, 34% of people living in US, aged 26 to 65, had already registered on such a site, according to 2019 research*. Around the globe online dating is booming also because of the recent "pandemic lock down" restrictions . What is the specifics of this method of dating? Are the resulting relationships differ from relationships started traditionally? It is without doubt, and the research confirms it, that relationships that online turn into sex more quickly than other type (traditional) relationships, and that they are often "short-term". In the press, on TV and elsewhere, the novelty of dating sites is often described in terms of a transformation of sexual norms among younger people. Numerous reports are devoted to online flirting, flings, hook-ups, "quickies" and one night stands, the absence of the commitment towards partners, that we observe as aresult of daing patterns change. For some, this is a liberalization of morals. For others, internet era brings new possiblities and additional opportunities in casual dating ...